River Pt. 1

by Human Tetris



released November 29, 2016

All songs by Human Tetris
Recorded by the band
Mixed by M. Palchikov @ Moscow Sound DEPT.



all rights reserved


Human Tetris город Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Runaway
I don’t want it
I don’t need it
I’m so messed up with thoughts, I am defeated
Hear their voices
They are near
Frozen blood inside my endless rivers
I don’t feel alive
Still I don’t want to quit
And I go on pretending that I need it
That I need it, do I need it?

I’m so thankful for that instance,
That you shared with, appearance of clearness
And I’m dreaming
And I’m dreaming
And I’m dying while I’m dreaming
I don’t want to be a part of this destructive side
Yeah, I wanna let it go and give them one more try
But when I stand alone
Under your dark cold sky
I want to run away
Track Name: Random Connections
Who's that
Staring at me?
Yeah, I'm drunk
But I can see that
Don't tell me your name
We don't need these
Random connections
Lasting relations

Sunny day
Ends with a kiss
I don't mind
A tiny bliss

Felling so cold
When morning comes
I will leave soon
Bored and disgusted

Easy life
Easy life
Easy life
Life is easy, living easy
Track Name: Blind
Through the storm and wind and rain that fell
I saw a sign, and you
It seemed that you had something to tell me
But the wind was hard and the rain was loud,
I couldn't hear a sound,
I couldn't see

In the storm and wind and rain that fell
I knew it's time (and you)
I saw that you had something to tell me
But the wind was hard and the rain was loud,
I could not hear that sound,
I could not see
I could not see
Track Name: Bravery
I'm waving at your back again,
You're leaving this town alone
The train goes faster and faster,
He's waited for you too long
Those trees remember your voice and breath,
You're walking down below
Cold water over your feet,
You're singing that beautiful song

Will I ever see your face again?
Thoughts keep haunting me
I wish I could say goodbye, my friend
I wish I could, I wish I could

Cradle of our hometown
Bravehearts when we were young
Track Name: Shadows
Are you hiding in the garden?
Or are you running down the street?
When the rain starts falling harder
And my shoes are getting wet

With the water you are coming
Down the boulevards and streets
With the water you are coming
Down the mountains in streams

Shadows playing in the forest
Children playing on the streets

I see your shadow
And its time, its time, maybe it is time
To think it over
Well I'm just getting older
Track Name: Last Forever
I don't
Want to lose a thing here
You let in
Something beautiful

Last forever
Last forever with you

Beware the way
You go and those you think you trust
Well, now i see
It all clear, it often hardly lasts

Last forever
Last forever with you