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Two Rooms

by Human Tetris

Fade 04:29
Woke up at night Sickness isn’t over She waved goodbye Turned around the corner Those days were same Made them even worser Constantly stressed Was it even worth it In the shadow Of a quiet place Where you left me Misery or grace I fall apart Saw her last night Suddenly, uneasy Cold blood inside Why don’t you release me Those days are gone There is no need to follow Now we both know Your sateless heart is hollow
Horizon 03:57
I know, this days will never end Time goes slowly, when you look at me Hold your breath and leave all fear behind Far away from home, when you are far away from me Well, now i see how things have changed Only you are lighting up my way At the foot of fameless mountain, on a nameless road My heart will always beat with yours And even when I disappear someday Away I know, you’ll keep a memory of me Look at the horizon Close your eyes, leave all fear behind and hold me by the hand
Silhouette 03:46
It lasts so long Careless words and loud fights Comes and goes Through open door Dark silhouette Returning from old times I know different side of you You’ve seen different side of me We’ve been there too long We’ve been there along Forgetting names It’s hard to leave it all behind Lost in pain Memorials Mirror frame I see silhouette of you Or is it me I’ve been there too long You’ve been there too long It’s all over All over It’s all over Over now It’s all over All over
Tears of loss Will we ever meet again I hear your voice It sounds in a different way The storm will last And wash away whats left behind The only one i trust Is fading into darkest night Fear of loss You made me feel alive again Your melting voice I keep in mind how we first met This storm will end And leave the scars inside our chests The only one i care Is somewhere in the distant past The hardest feeling
I Follow You 03:08
I follow you Into the night This endless route Familiar sound and light I follow you We walk alone An easy trap You hid and watch me go Lost sight of you A narrow path In quiet night I only hear your laugh One more attempt Deceptive hope I’ve reached your hand But you don’t hold it strong Dream, at night I see your face in light Empty belief, plain lie I see your face at night I’ll follow you Into the dark Along this endless rout Familiar light and sound I follow you We walk alone I’ve reached your hand But you don’t hold me strong Dream, at night I see your face in light Empty belief, plain lie I see a blurry face
Empty thoughts It’s just another day of week I waste it all My mind is weak It’s hard to put things in control I don’t believe in it Day and Night Needless words Accompany me everyday I lost them all I am to soft It’s hard to put things all together It’s all my fault Hard breathing Strong feelings Long night My chest feels like a heavy stone Cold night My arms are tied my mind is broken
Reminder 06:03
Slow waves Warm sand Your trace As a reminder Coastal wind Soft hands This day As a reminder Floating clouds Endless sky This place As a reminder Long talk Through quiet night Your voice As a reminder Pictures in my head that slowly fade away Empty life In a quiet room Light shimmers in the window frame I saw it happen Your voice inside my head, slowly fades away Echoes from our past Reflections glimmer in the window frame I knew it would happen


released April 26, 2023


all rights reserved



Human Tetris город Москва, Russian Federation

Human tetris are:

Arvid Kriger
Tonia Minaeva
Ramil Mubinov

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